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A large number of Geothermal Installations are retrofits into existing homes.  Homeowners typically consider switching to Geothermal when their aging  heating system fails or needs replacing, they’re considering adding central air conditioning, want to ‘go green’ or learn there is an alternative to being dependent on fossil fuels and exorbitant costs for oil, natural gas or propanes.  For these homeowners geothermal installation costs are routinely paid back in under 7 years – the fastest payback of all renewable energy systems.

Residential – The Oldest House in the Country with a DX Geothermal Energy System
retrofitting an existing home

Location:  New York State

Objective:  Reduce high heating costs (which doubled in one year); create a healthy environment with comfortable temperatures and humidity throughout the year; make a positive contribution to ending global warming by incorporating a “green” technology.

Story: Not your typical home, Claudia Barritt, an accomplished, semi retired musician, purchased the old historic home known as Peter Gumaer’s Old Stone House 2005.  Built by Benjamin Dupuy in 1753, the 2000 + sq. ft. home, was a fortress during the Revolutionary War and converted to a private residence in the 1930’s with an oil fired steam radiator system for home heating.

Ms. Barritt  said “ . . . I researched various renewable energy alternatives and companies before choosing Total Green.  I decided on Total Green because they specialized in DX Geothermal and Photovoltaic.  I was confident they could handle the complexity of converting this unique home to an energy efficient environment.” 

“First, the Total Green team evaluated the home rating report done by a BPI Certified Professional, to confirm heating requirements, how the heat would be distributed and what insulation would be necessary to assure optimum performance.  In less than a week the project was in motion.”

Facts:  Bills prior to the Total Green Geothermal installation - $5,000 ++ annually, now less than $65.00 per month to cover the nominal electric cost to run the system for Heating and Hot Water...bonus the Geothermal System would also provide air conditioning for the 255 year old house – a critical component to protect Ms. Barritt’s sensitive musical instruments.”

The Challenge - Total Green’s challenge was to create a suitable ‘thermal envelopee’ for the house. Starting with R-10 insulation to the below grade walls in the basement, air sealing the living space and blowing 16 inches of high density fiberglass in the attic. 

Total Green then brought in their HVAC specialist to install ducting for heat distribution.  To retain the unique character of the home, special high velocity small ductwork was chosen.  Concurrently, the Total Green drill and brazing team was on-site building the geo loops and geo fields.  All on-site work was completed in about 12 days.
Epilogue – Claudia Barritt “ . . . I’m very impressed with Total Green’s Geothermal System and  level of professional service.” 

I’m going to recoup my investment in approximately 7 years.  The Total Green System not only heats my home and provides hot water, but by just reversing the system in summer provides air conditioning, I never realized how uncomfortable I was without it.  I’m extremely gratified with a heating system that uses no fossil fuel.  Next year the plan is to install Solar Panels with Total Green.”

We at Total Green Appreciate Claudia Barritt and Clients Like Her, Who Have a True Concern For Protecting the Environment!


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