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What sets Total Green ‘DX’ Systems apart is only one heat exchange transfer is required, compared to the two step transfer in water-based systems demanding about twice as much energy consumption, as well as a circulating pump and expensive deep well drilling. 

Water based systems use plastic tubing in which a water/glycol, anti-freeze or alcohol solution is circulated.  The Total Green System distributes an environmentally friendly refrigerant through copper tubing.  Copper tubing is a superior heat conductor— proven more reliable over long term use and much more efficient than plastic.  This conductivity enables copper systems to work more efficiently with smaller-diameter tubes, so bore holes are smaller, Reducing Excavation and Installation Costs. 

The heart of the Total Green System is our extraordinary geothermal compressor assembly, made right here in the US, and the Most Cost-Effective and Ultra Efficient Geothermal Heat Pump in the market.  Matched to our unique ground taps, our efficiency ratings are exceptionally high, delivering at least 30% better performance than any other geothermal heat pump system!

In Summary, Total Green ‘DX’ Geothermal is the most advanced technology for heating, cooling and Hot Water:

  • Ultra efficient Direct Expansion (DX) Technology - is at least 30% more efficient than other geothermal heating systems - achieving 4.5-5.0 COP heating and up to 33 SEER cooling in real world applications.

  • Copper Tubing – a superior heat conductor, proven more reliable and efficient than plastic used in water based systems.

  • Minimal Excavation – ground tap is minimally invasive to the property. No giant excavation, no expensive deep well drilling.
  • Lower Total Cost of Ownership – The Total Green System is more reliable than standard HVAC systems and has far lower maintenance. Completely eliminates furnaces, A/C compressors and hot water heaters and venting.

  • More Comfortable - Substantially higher quality heating and cooling. Lower temperature, higher humidity heat in winter, better dehumidification in summer.

  • Perfect for Radiant - Totally compatible with radiant heat, integrates seamlessly.

  • Rapid Payback - Payback in new construction is under 4 years. Even faster if you include increased value of the structure.

  • Increase Property Value - - The Building industry estimates that every energy $1.00 saved annually increases the value of the property by $20.00. So, you save $5,000 a year on heating, cooling and hot water, the home increases in value by $100,000.

Total Green ‘DX’ Geothermal Technology is the most advanced in the market, backed by years of research, design and real-world installations.

A Total Green Energy Professional is ready to assist you in a Geothermal System Cost Benefit Analysis, Design and Installation that ends your dependency on unstable fuel prices and supply - Submit your Energy Profile for a Complimentary Analysis. Upon review, a Total Green Professional will contact you to discuss a Renewable Energy Solution Guaranteed Environmentally Responsible and Economically Compelling.

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