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Total Green goes beyond traditional heating, cooling & hot water. Our renewable energy solutions are tailored for Specialty Applications and Structures for Residential and Commercial properties. An excellent example is our client R.L. Baxter Building Corporation.

- New ConstructionGeothermal in CT
R.L. Baxter Building Corp.
Project:  14,000 sq. ft. mixed use office building
Location:   Poughkeepsie, NY

Objective:  Utilize a “green” technology for heating and cooling office space at lower annual cost than a traditional HVAC system.  Use “green” to assist in marketing the space and provide
clients with energy saving solutions.

Geothermal in CTCommercial Refrigeration & Hot Water-

Total Green ‘DX’ Geothermal
Reduces Refrigeration Cooling Costs An Average Of 50%. 
Geothermal energy is extremely efficient for heating hot water, in virtually unlimited quantities.  Restaurants, Hotels, Sports Clubs, Spas, Public Schools, Dorms, Assisted Living Facilities, all use large quantities of hot water.  Geothermal is so efficient in this application, geothermal hot water heating is certain to prove the least expensive solution – far less than using fossil fuel.

Delivers 120 degree commercial hot water at a 50% savings.
DX geothermal is the only geothermal methodology that can be utilized for commercial refrigeration.  The lower coil temperatures achieved only by Direct Exchange makes this possible. 

Multi-Family Dwellings/Apartments/Condos-
Geothermal can be designed for multi-family dwellings, apartments and condos using specific geothermal fields and compressor assemblies to individually meter electrical consumption to run the system.

Storage Facilities and Warehouses - 
This application has different use specifications than offices and residential.  The heating and cooling loads are distinctive and geothermal energy can economically supply the unique heating, cooling and hot water requirements.Geothermal in CT

Special Tax Incentives for Commercial Installation -
Geothermal qualifies for a special accelerated depreciation for installations completed in 2008 and 2009.

A Total Green Energy Professional is ready to design your Total Green Renewable Energy solution. Ask about government and tax incentives.

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